As the teaching community is now exploring digital technologies in education, many people are discovering interesting new ways of facilitating learning that exploit the opportunities afforded by interactive technologies. We need to build on these experiences if we are to make the most of them. This web-based tool offers one way in which we can, as a teaching community, build on and share our best ideas of how to teach with new technologies.

Learning design for online courses: a webinar with Diana Laurillard

The latest version of the tool is still under development. You can browse and play with this version and save designs: The Learning Designer 2014

Tutorial videos are available below to help you use the tool:

All tools support the Learning Design format.

So no matter, which tool you have used, you can import and export your designs.

Pedagogical Pattern Collector (old online tool that supports pattern abstraction)

Learning Designer (Off line 2012 version of the tool)

Useful resources about the tools and previous workshops

Walk through thinking about and developing learning designs

User guide when using the Pedagogical Pattern Collector

PPC Guide

Want to find out more about the tools, history and publications? This project builds on a community of knowledge working with teachers, researchers, academics and industry to understand and use the potential of  “Technology Enhanced Learning” (TEL). The aim to provide teachers from every sector with a means to have access to community knowledge and teaching analytics and insight that knowledge provides.

The Learning Design Support Environment

Communities of Users

The Learning Designer and the Pedagogical Pattern Collector are used around the world. Here we provide some of the experiences and examples of use of the tools:

  • Using the tool for Digital Footprint: Eleni Zazani see Planning with Learning Designer Tool
  • Two Day workshop in Macerata with Postgraduate Students working with Lorella Giannandrea and Pier Giuseppe Rossi
  • Università degli studi di Macerata in 2012. They used the tool as part of examining and teaching design for teachers.
  • Learning Designer trials at the School of Pedagogical & Technological Education in Greece ( The first trial are with Computer Science graduates who are studying for an MSc in Educational Technology.
  • The PPC has been developed and is being used in Hong Kong in the ASTRI project

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