Quick Overview of the Learning Designer Tool

The learning designer tool is still evolving and more functionality will be made available over the coming months. Here is just a quick overview but the best way is to just try out the tool.

Step 1: Signup and create an account

Creating an account and logging in

Step2: Browser some designs and select and edit a design. If you are not the owner of the design a copy will be made of the design and you will then be able to own and edit the design.

Browse designs

Step 3: Editing a design by adding your text descriptions about your design, adding TLAs (Teaching and Learning Activities) and adding learning types to a TLA to add further activities for the learning experience. Check your alignment between ‘your declared’ learning outcome(s) and the activities set. Check the pie chart to see if it reflects what you feel your design should look like. Check the time you have allocated to your tasks.

Snap shot example of a design

Step 4: A closer look at a TLA (Teaching and Learning Activity): Adding notes and learning types.

Teaching and Learning Activity


Save your design and share with your peers. You can tweet or send out a link.


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