Move-It-Online Challenge

Welcome to our Third International Learning Design Challenge: Move-It-Online

Led by Professor Diana Laurillard from The London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education in collaboration with Building Community Knowledge, MirandaNet, Creative Digital Solutions and Hands-ON ICT project.

The Aim

Our 3rd online International Learning Design Challenge is about understanding the impact of taking teaching and learning activities online. We will provide ways of describing and planning effective teaching ideas, especially those that illustrate ‘pedagogically purposeful uses of technology for learning’. The Challenge is to transfer this to your own optimal way to move it online.

To signup and find out more

  1. You can signup directly for the challenge:
  2. Email:
  3. Twitter: @LDtool
  4. PDF download:Move-It-Online-Challenge-04-10-2014
  5. PDF Quick overview:Overview-04-10-2014

Important Dates

  • Starts 30th October for introductions 
  • Live online events from 1:00-1:45 pm (UK time): November 3rd, 10th, 17th,21st, 24th and December 1st
  • Live online discussion forums from 1 pm Thursday 13th November from 1:00 pm

(Details below about the activities)

What will you get out of the design challenge?

  1. Free CPD
  2. Collaborating with others on a learning design challenge that is useful to you
  3. Learning from your peers while contributing to changing and reshaping education that has international potential
  4. Experimenting with our international learning design tool
  5. Experimenting with our CRAM tool
  6. Contributing to international community knowledge about teaching with technology
  7. Being part of a MOOC
  8. Getting “Badged” recognised: There are up to 4 badges on this event. But there is some hard work to be done to get them. Are you up for the “move-it online” challenge!!!

How it works

As learning designers we will collaborate and build together ways of taking teaching and learning online.

The event will introduce the Learning Designer, a simple web interface helps you (a) find good examples of learning design, and (b) express the detail of your best pedagogic designs in a way that makes it easy for other teachers to adopt and adapt them. You can:

  • browse contributors’ learning designs for selected learning outcomes, topics and activities.
  • review designs and adapt them to your own context.
  • create your own design, and make it available to your students (as a Word document, or a VLE session), or your team, or to the wider community.

The focus of many of the learning designs will be around technology, e.g. making better use of VLEs, delivering enjoyable online learning experiences, teaching technology-oriented topics (digital literacies, Computer Science, e-safety, etc).

The Design Challenge gives all participants hands-on access to the interactive tools, with guided activities and opportunities for collaboration.

During the event there will be also be opportunities for participants to comment on the designs and plans contribute: to make suggestions for changes, critique them against suggested criteria, develop their own designs,and experiment with benefits-and-cost modelling when moving from face-to-face to online teaching.

Overview of the Schedule

From 30th October Getting ready and signing up to the area you would like to work on:

  • Receive your starter pack and what is planned for each week.
  • Themes and discussions that will be running during the Design Challenge and the forums you might like to sign-up for.
  • Introducing yourself to everyone so that we get to know each other online.

Monday November 3rd – Live event 1:00-1:45 (UK-time): Launch of the Challenge at 1:00-1:45 pm (UK time). This is the introduction to the Move-it-online challenge

Practice browsing and editing with the Learning Designer

Monday November 10th – Live event 1:00-1:45 (UK-time): Reflecting on your designing experience at 1:00-1:45 pm (UK time).  What makes a good design? Introduction to the “rubric” for guiding designs and feedback

Practice designing with the Learning Designer

Thursday November 13th – Live event 1:00-1:45 (UK-time): Giving feedback on a design: Selecting a design to give peer-feedback. What is available to review? Submit your feedback.

Practice reviewing and receiving reviews with the Learning Designer

Monday November 17th – Live event 1:00-1:45 (UK-time): Reflections on Learning design and taking peer feedback into account.

Producing and submitting the final version of your learning design, taking feedback into account.

Monday 24th November live event: 1:00-1:45 (UK-time): Walk-through the CRAM tool; exploring what happens when we make changes to moving online.

Practice modelling current and revised sessions/module with the CRAM tool

Monday 1st December live event: 1:00-1:45 (UK-time): Reflections on the CRAM tool, and key findings from participants. How to get your badges (it will be in the starter pack).

 Who should do the challenge?

This challenge is open to all participants who deliver education to all sectors both formal and informal, so for example why you might join the challenge:

  • I never use any technology to teach and I would like to think about designing an activity that I could use with some learning experiences I have in mind;
  • I would like to try to bring a particular experience of using technology in the classroom to help with a particular learning experience;
  • I have never taken any activity online and would like to design an activity and get feedback about this;
  • I do lots of blended learning and I want to take this opportunity to get some feedback from my peers;
  • I do lots of blended learning and I want to take this opportunity to share some of my experiences through the learning designer and CRAM tool and get some feedback from my peers;
  • I do lots of online teaching I want to take this opportunity to get some feedback from my peers;
  • I do lots of online designs and I am interested in using the learning designer tool and CRAM tool and getting feedback from my peers;
  • I am an instructional designer and work with teachers to take their courses online and I would like see how/if these tools can help me;
  • The challenge sounds interesting and I would like to experiment and find out more …
  • I just like learning about new things…




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