Challenge: Day 1

International Learning Design Challenge DAY 1

Monday 10th February was the launch of the challenge. Everyone is working hard to create  and share their designs.

All the resources for the challenge are available online by signing up to or in to coursesites

DAY 1: Overview for Students

For background and announcements about the challenge.

If you haven’t signed up or you prefer not to or can’t get access for some reason then we will make resources where possible available here each day. The challenge runs from Monday 10th February until Friday 14th February.

The launch broadcast is now available:

Day 1: Getting started and introduction

There is a preliminary survey. Your responses will really help in the research and development of the tool.:

If you haven’t already done so, before the LDChallenge begins, we ask you to create your account with the Learning Designer:

Tutorial videos are available below to help you use the tool:

Question and Answer session

Send your questions to us either via twitter using #LDChallenge or use the form below:

Sharing  your challenge with us:

Using padlet and double click on the canvas and share your challenge

Activities for Day 2: Starting your design with the tool

As well as the video tutorial there are other resources to help you:

  1. Browse designs that already in the tool and select one you think might help
  2. Thinking about the learning experience for your students take a look at Definitions of learning types
  3.  Brief Introduction to Learning Design10-02-2014
  4. Post questions on twitter using #LDChallenge or email us on or fill out the form above.

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