International Learning Designs Challenge: Reviewing Designs

Second International Learning Designs Challenge: Reviewing Designs

led by Professor Diana Laurillard

March 24th to 31st 2014

Welcome to our second International Learning Designs Challenge

First we would like to thank all who attended and contributed to our 1st International Learning Design Challenge. We now have many great learning designs for the community to share and use. The first Challenge was a great success and would not have been be possible without your contributions.

The 2nd International Learning Design Challenge week begins on 24 March and is focussed on ‘reviewing designs’. Many of us who submitted designs did not either complete or receive a review. For those who did, it was clearly a valuable experience, so it is worth having this focus for the new Challenge.

Prior to the launch of the 2nd Challenge the Coursesites session will have a Forum for ‘Introductions’, where participants can introduce themselves and the context in which they work.

To get started on you using the learning designer tool both registering for the tool and videos: Getting Started

Live schedule

There will be two live events during the week (times are GMT/UTC).

Friday live session


Wednesday recorded session

Due to technical difficulties on wednesday we decided to provide a recorded session of a think a loud review process by Professor Diana Laurillard.


Monday live session

ILDC2 slides Monday-2

Monday 24th March 13:00-13:30 Orientation

  1. Summary of the results of the 1st ILD Challenge week
  2. Reflections on the review process [Agnieska, Eric?]
  3. How to submit your design and review it
  4. Using Twitter, Forums, and the Padlet wall
  5. Example reviews
  6. Q&A

Responses to questions submitted will be made available as part of the FAQ

The Coursesites Forum ‘Reflections on the reviewing process’ will be open all week for asynchronous discussions.

The Coursesites Forum ‘Q&A’ will be open all week for participants to seek help and guidance on any aspect of the week’s activities.

Questions can be asked on Twitter using #LDChallenge, or email

The Padlet wall named ‘Suggestions’ will be available all week for participants to suggest themes for later ILD Challenge events.

The Learning Designer tool is always available for use, and is free and open to all.

Wednesday 26th March 13:00-13:30 Reviewing Designs

  1. Benefiting from reviews: Voice of from our learning designers
  2. Designs to be reviewed
  3. Discussions
  4. Q&A

Monday 31st March 13:00-13:45 Findings from the week and follow-up

  1. Invitation to hear about a new design from the community [Indira?]
  2. Invitation to hear about experience of review [who?]
  3. Walk through a review in terms of the team’s analysis of the types of points made
  4. Q&A
  5. Next event and themes to be determined from the community
  6. Final survey and badges

Learning Designer team: Patricia Charlton, Dionisis Dimakopoulos, Bernard Horan, Eileen Kennedy, Diana Laurillard (IOE), Joanna Wild (Oxford)

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