International Learning Design Challenge: Summary

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We launched the International Learning Designs Challenge on 10th February. You can still sign up and catch up with the activities.If you missed our Big Launch today, you can watch the recording of it below. We keep on responding to your questions on Twitter #LDChallenge and via email:

Professor Diana Laurillard launching the International Learning Designs Challenge:


Can we build a library of One Hundred Learning Designs that are effective, shareable, and editable, in just five days, using a dedicated online tool – the Learning Designer.

Our aim is to engage the teaching community from across the globe to join in designing, sharing, and discussing how to create great learning designs for transforming education. The challenge will run from 10th to 14th February 2014. In this time we bring teachers together to innovate and share their ideas, to create one 100 designs that use technology effectively. 


  • 10 February 1pm GMT: Launch of the event with a live video of Diana Laurillard  introducing the Learning Designer tool and the Challenge and taking questions and comments from the audience worldwide via Twitter #LDChallenge. We will embed the live video on this site, so all you will have to do to join is to visit this page on 10 February 1pm GMT and watch!
  • 11-14 February, 1 hour per day: You take up the Challenge in the online activities
  • 14 February, 1pm – 2pm GMT: Wrap-up live to award badges for contributions and announce the highest rated designs

What is the Challenge?

We have set three learning design challenges for current and future teaching and learning, for any sector or subject area:

  1. Improving the online group discussion learning experience
  2. Scaling up assessment
  3. Cross-curriculum activities

First, we invite you contribute your designs by taking on one the challenges we have set or offering your own challenge that other participants could help with.

Then, you will work in groups to comment on or edit each other’s designs, to make them as good as possible.

To make this work effectively, so that designs are easy to develop, exchange, and edit, we’ll use a new kind of learning design tool, called the Learning Designer.

There will be a standard rubric for evaluating the designs contributed, to which you can add your own criterion.

More details about the activities for the week will be made available soon.

What will you get out of the design challenge?

  1. Free CPD
  2. Collaborating with others on a learning design challenge that is useful to you
  3. Learning from your peers while contributing to changing and reshaping education that has international potential
  4. Experimenting with a new learning design tool
  5. Contributing to international community knowledge about teaching with technology
  6. Being part of a MOOC

How to join?

Sign up on

You can email us on:

Follow us on Twitter @LDtool and #LDChallenge

19 thoughts on “International Learning Design Challenge: Summary

  1. This is an interesting way of getting a community of practice working on this. I’m in and looking forward to the expereince as well as the content.
    I wonder if this could be shared with the IfL to ask their members?

  2. HI Eileen!
    Really thanks for this invitation, it looks really appealing and exiting to me! However cannot make it because of lack of time, …. but I’ll be visiting the site and I’ll be happy to remain updated on this!
    Congratulations and let’s keep in touch!

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  5. This is so relevant to an OU Masters Module I have just stated, called ‘Technology-enhanced Learning: practices and debates. i don’t feel sufficiently experienced to enter the challenge but will certainly be following it

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