Challenge: Day 2

Activities for Tuesday:

Welcome to the international learning designs challenge: DAY 2

Today the live broadcast will run from 1:15-1:45 UTC/GMT from the London Knowledge Lab in the UK. The focus of the broadcast today will be on creating and sharing our designs and our design thinking.

The sound begins at 08:10 – with Diana saying “it’s still muted”, but don’t let that confuse you – it really does begin there.

All the resources for the challenge are available online or by signing up to or into coursesites

Activities and information about DAY 1 

Day 2: Creating and Submitting your Designs

(Overview for Students – Day 2)

(Thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey. If you haven’t already please complete the survey:

Overview of the live event

  • Answering comments, problems and questions
  • Discussing the challenges and designs posted or submitted
  • If technology holds – ‘live’  creating a design to respond to one of the Challenges!

We will be working with the Learning Designer Tool

  1. Browse designs that already in the tool and select one you think might help
  2. Thinking about the learning experience for your students take a look at Definitions of learning types
  3. What makes for a good design-2?
  4. You can watch the video tutorial about how to submit designs for review.
  5. Thinking about reviewing a design that has been submitted? Reviewing a learning design and example review (The feedback can be seen in the two additional TLAs at the end of the design – you will need to scroll to the end of the design to see the feedback)
  6. Question and Answer sessions live and online during Day2: Post questions on twitter using #LDChallenge or email us on or fill out the form below. If you are using coursesites you may choose to use the Q&A Forum that has been set up.

Have you shared or chosen your  Design Challenge?  See the many design challenges now on padlet. Just double-click on the canvas to add your own.

Tutorial videos are available below to help you use the tool:

Question and Answer session form

Send your questions to us either via twitter using #LDChallenge or use the form below:

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