Community of Users and Collaborations

We are collaborating with many communities to help us build and share great learning designs and teaching practice. Here are some of the people we are collaborating with:

  • The Swiss Cottage School: The centre is the outward facing hub of the School’s remit as a Teaching School to support pupil achievement for children in Camden, London and beyond.The Development and Research Centre at Swiss Cottage School hosts a range of national and international conferences, courses and workshops on topics such as neuroscience, mental health, special educational needs and pedagogue together with evidence of outstanding practice
  • Professional Learning Matters: A community committed to the advancement of design for professional learning that also values  the importance of learning experience through understanding learning design in terms of  “patterns” and “learning context”

The Learning Designer and the Pedagogical Pattern Collector are used around the world. Here we provide some of the experiences and examples of use of the tools:

  • Using the tool for Digital Footprint: Eleni Zazani see Planning with Learning Designer Tool
  • Università degli studi di Macerata in 2012. They used the tool as part of examining and teaching design for teachers. We ran a two Day workshop in Macerata with Postgraduate Students working with Lorella Giannandrea and Pier Giuseppe Rossi. They have been working with the Learning Designer tools for the last two years:  See their feedback
  • Learning Designer trials  at the School of Pedagogical & Technological Education in Greece ( They have been working with the learning designer tools for the last eighteen months. The first trial are with Computer Science graduates who are studying for an MSc in Educational Technology.
  • The PPC has been developed and is being used in Hong Kong in the ASTRI project

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