Challenge: Day 5

Activities for Friday:

Welcome to the international learning designs challenge: DAY 5

Today the live broadcast will run from 1:00-2:00 UTC/GMT from the London Knowledge Lab in the UK. The broadcast will share what we have produced with final Q&A and follow up opportunities.

All the resources for the challenge are available online and by signing into course sites

Activities and information about DAY 1 

Activities and information about DAY2

Activities and information about DAY3

Activities and information about DAY4

Our final day of the challenge: What is happening today

…  our creating and sharing our learning designs doesn’t need to stop here. The tool and designs and resources you have used this week are available. Welcome to building community knowledge and thank you for joining us.

  1. Congratulations and thanks to all LDChallenge Participants for reaching the final day!
  2. Final Q&A and comments
  3.  A look at what we have produced: Add you designs to the wall
  4. The post-survey: Please complete the survey
  5.  Badges for your participation and completion (you need to be registered on coursesites to receive a badge)
  6.  What’s coming next? A sneak preview of our next tool… and our next challenge?
  7.  How to stay in touch and become part of the Learning Designer Community

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