Challenge: Day 4

Activities for Thursday:

Welcome to the international learning designs challenge: DAY 4

Today the live broadcast will run from 1:15-1:45 UTC/GMT from the London Knowledge Lab in the UK. The broadcast will be about submitting designs for review sharing with Q and A.

All the resources for the challenge are available online and by signing into course sites

Activities and information about DAY 1 

Activities and information about DAY2

Activities and information about DAY3

Day 4: Reviewing Designs

Thank you to everyone who has submitted designs for the challenge! Well done. And thank you to everyone who has completed a review/feedback. Many people are still working on their designs. If you are then please do keep working on your design if you can. All learning designs are welcome at anytime! This is for the community of learning designers to create, share and exchange learning designs. But ideally we would like to finish the week with one hundred designs so if you can submit then please do. Creating a learning design isn’t easy and it takes time and there is always more to be done. We hope you are enjoying the experience of the Challenge.

(Thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey. If you haven’t already please complete the survey:

Overview of the live event

1. Why do a review? Why is feedback so important?

2. Ways of responding to feedback – adapting your design or reflecting in your blog

3. Badges

4. Q&A and any comments on Twitter

We will be working with the Learning Designer Tool

  1. Review your design in the light of the feedback you have received.
    • Go to the Browser – Reviewed Designs, locate a review of your design, open it and read through the feedback sections. You can do the same for any further reviews you’ve received.
    • Consider which aspects you would change in the light of this feedback. Modify your design, and make notes on what more you might do with more time, if you wish.
    • When you’re reasonably happy with it, Click on Save to save it as a Submitted Design.
    • Then you can add your reflections in your own blog on coursesites or on your own blog  (do send us a link so that this can be easily shared with the community)  or in the notes on your design. You can also add a TLA and title it reflections if you prefer.

As everyone is at a different stage in their design process the activities and information below are from DAY3.

  1. For those who haven’t submitted their designs yet please enter the challenge you have chosen as part of the description area.
  2. You may have already looked at this resource when reviewing your own design: What makes for a good design? This is also useful to think about when reviewing a design.
  3. Reviewing a design that has been submitted:
    1. What the tutorial video about reviewing designs.
    2.  The template that is used in the tutorial and example reviewed design: Reviewing a learning design and example review
  4. Question and Answer sessions live and online during Day4: Post questions on twitter using #LDChallenge or email us on or fill out the form below. If you are using coursesites you may choose to use the Q&A Forum that has been set up.

See the many design challenges now on padlet. Just double-click on the canvas to add your own if you haven’t. Great challenges and great designs! Thank you everyone!

Tutorial videos are available below to help you use the tool:

Question and Answer session form

Send your questions to us either via twitter using #LDChallenge or use the form below:

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