Hands-on and The learning designer

At the end of April we introduced the learning designer to the Hands-on ICT EU project. As you know the ICT in primary and secondary schools in the UK are going through changes with the idea to bring further innovation to problem solving and computational thinking to our young students.  There is so much ICT around how do we know the good tools from the bad? How do we know how or even why to bring technology into the classroom? What kind of learning experience can make best use of technology and bring about creative and innovative experiences? The Hands-on project is trying to make sense of this space working with teachers and designers and thinking creatively about the types of teaching and learning activities so that the best use of technology and the great practice of teachers and the emerging new pedagogies are made available.

Hands-on has a number of synergies with our building community knowledge project and the learning designer community so joining forces makes sense. The learning designer tool and the resources that have been developed by the community, especially from our International Learning Design Challenges have been presented (see mirandanet-group.pptx) with the project providing a forum for the project to build on the learning designs and resources that exist and a place for them to share their learning designs.

We are at the beginning of our collaboration with the project and its members (some have already joined us in using the tool and exploring the resources).  Maybe you have a great ICT resource you would like to share? Or an innovative way of delivering creative problem solving in the classroom, online … Why not tell us about it or even better share it online by creating a learning design!




Preparing for the challenge

The First online international challenge starts on Monday.  Not long to go

Don’t forget to signup to coursesites: http://www.coursesites.com/s/_LDC

Many of the resources will be available on coursesites (it is free to join) and we will be using a number of the tools to help us collaborate during the week.

More on MOOCs

Scaling-up and taking courses online to  “massive audiences”  are currently being debated.

See Times Higher Ed report on Diana Laurillard’s input to “The battle about MOOCs“.

What is the role of the tutor and the creation and sharing of learning designs when taking education and learning to the global market place? These are uncertain times that are in need of innovation to deliver new ways of engaging with our students. Learning designs and new pedagogies and creative ways of thinking are needed (see Professor Diana Laurillard’s recent presentation for more about this).

Coming soon is the event at the London Knowledge Lab and related materials will be available. See to MOOC or not to MOOC for more details brining some success stories, lesson learnt and some context to the potential of MOOCs.