BCK School Workshop

Agenda for the workshop

4:00  Introduction

Please complete our survey

Intended outcome of the workshop is that teachers feel able to try out and use the PPC tool, to assist them in sharing their learning designs and teaching experiences.

4:10 Demo and Presentation

Demonstration of the PPC using the Swiss Cottage School learning designs “Fractions and Shapes” and  “Listening to instructions”.

4:30 Activity 1: Adapt the Fractions design for their context

During this activity we would like you to collect your ideas related to designing and using the learning designer.

Swiss Cottage Template(we will provide paper copies too but you might like to do this digitally)

  • Edit the text for discussion activity;
  • Add a learning type produce to final plenary to describe the follow-on homework task, with group size of one, and decide the duration in minutes, and add a resource (its title and URL)
  • Save your design and email the designs to p.charlton@ioe.ac.uk

4:40 Q&A

5:10 Activity 2: Adapting the instructions design for their context

  • Check the video
  • Edit the read, watch and  listen activity as you wish
  • Add some notes to indicate your perspective/view about this part of the design
  • Click on Add a Blank TLA and add a learning type to complete the design yo your satisfaction.
  • Save your design p.charlton@ioe.ac.uk

5:30 Q&A

Please complete the survey and give your feedback: Post workshop survey

We would like you to keep a diary of activities and experiences over the next three months and share this with us.

This is to help us understand the importance of your design challenges and how to find solutions and share practice. Please use Learning Designer diary 181113.

6:00 Finish

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