LD Challenge: Taking on the role of a local champion

We would like to encourage you to take on the role of a local Champion for our Online Learning Design Challenge.   

As a local champion we would ask you to help us to:

  • Connect with your local community and encourage their participation in the challenge of creating and sharing learning designs. We would like as many people interested to join us in this event and anyone interested in creating and sharing learning designs is welcome either as an individual, small groups or as part of their larger community
  • Lead activities online and help the participants contribute and work on the learning design activities. Alternatively, you could work with your local community on-site and connect online to tell us about your activities and learning designs
  • Review some of the learning designs with us

You don’t have to do all of the above. You can simply choose what suits you best and your local community. You can also bring your own ideas about how you can support the Challenge.

As a local Champion you will be awarded a separate badge.

If you would like to take a role as a learning design champion for your local community then please email us on mailto:learingdesignercommunity@gmail.com

The Learning Designer Team

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