Presentation at Future Technology in Education

Professor Diana Laurillard will be talking about the learning designer community and sharing and re-using designs at the Future Technology in Education at Senate House on Friday 11th October 2013 (FOTE13).

About Diana Laurillard’s presentation

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Final version presented @ FOTiE2013 by Diana Laurillard

The pedagogies for large-scale student guidance

Diana Laurillard

Abstract for FOTE conference

The field of Learning Design now has an interesting challenge. With the prominence of MOOCs and the related field of Learning Analytics, there is an expectation that learning technology will now be able to solve the problem of the worldwide demand for higher education (currently estimated as ~ 100m per year). This is one of the most important problems to be solved in the field of education. But we must be clear about the nature of the challenge.

To meet the demand for education we have to provide the level of nurturing and guidance every student needs if they are to attain their learning potential. Given the scale of the demand, this means moving from the current norm of a 1:25 staff student ratio to a much higher ratio, without loss to the student’s attainment. Technology is good at solving large-scale challenges. The presentation will outline ways of improving and sharing the pedagogies that achieve high quality student support and attainment on the large scale.

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